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Steering Wheel Pass

Barrel Roll Back Take


Dear BJJ Enthusiast,


How often do you pass the guard and take the back in class or competition? In most BJJ classes, the answer is: Not Much. Why? Because most BJJ schools teach the same style of passing:


- Scoop The Leg, put the opponent’s knee to their nose and take side control
- Use The Torriando (Bullfighter) Pass & take side control
- Leg Drag Pass to side control
- Over/Under Pass to side control
- Knee Cut Pass to side control
- Cartwheel Pass to side control


But none of these passes are intended to take the opponent’s back! Well why, if a guard pass to side control is worth 3 points are we worried about taking an opponent’s back?


The Most Common Finishing Position For The
Best Guys Is A Choke From The Back!!


In his study of the 2012 World Championships BJJ Scientist (good word for him) Tyler Bishop broke down 90 Black Belt Matches. His research was beyond thorough:


He studied:


- Average Match Time
- Who Scored First
- How The Match Reached The Ground
- Which Takedown Method Ended Up Winning
- Scoring by Weight Type
- Techniques Used To Sweep
- Techniques Used To Sweep
- Positions To Finish


What he found was as surprising as it was scary:


Black Belts Finish With Chokes From The Back 3 Times As Much As The Second Most Frequent Position!


JT finishing from back


Think about that for a second, the most popular submission by far for top black belts is done from a position you don’t really know how to get to and the submission is one that you probably don’t know how to do very well


This Has To Change!!!




2013 World No Gi Champion JT Torres Is The Best In The World
At Taking The Back & Finishing – Shouldn’t You Learn This
Technique From Him?



Since 2005 JT Torres has submitted over 500 people with chokes from the back.


Why the hell does he finish so many people from the back?





The answer is pretty simple, JT has a formula/recipe/formula, whatever you want to call it. Just as McDonald’s has a system for making hamburgers, JT has a system for taking the back and finishing – it is fool proof.


JT’s passes aren’t the traditional ones that leave you in side control. Why? Because even though those passes score passes, they don’t leave you in a great position to finish. If you want to finish, you are far more likely to finish from the back.


Isn’t this a position you NEED to learn?


JT Torres is a great instructor. I have learned a lot from this kid in the last year since he got in my place. When he teaches you can see his passion for the sport, always smiling and enjoying his work. I have no doubt he loves what he does. JT is the best. Oooossss
- Prof. Andre Galvão- Black Belt 2nd degree, Atos Jiujitsu Co-founder, 2x ADCC World Champion, 8x World Champion, 5x World Cup Champion, 8x Pan American Champion, 5x Brazilian Nationals Champion


JT Made a 4 DVD Set Showing Everything he knows about taking the back and submitting. Without question, this is the most complete set of techniques ever shown on how to pass, take the back and finish.






4 DVD Set

So what Does JT Show in the videos?



  Opening The Closed Guard

  Passing Fundamentals

  X Pass On De La Riva Guard

  X Pass On De La Riva When Opponent Grabs Ankle

  X Pass On Knee Slide

  Knee Cut From De La Riva

  Leg Drag From De La Riva

  Kick Out From Seated Guard

  Kick Our From Seated Guard When Opponent Counters First Attempt







  Kick Through Pass From Seated Guard

  Steering Wheel Pass on Sit Up Guard

  Cartwheel Pass on Seated Guard

  Knee Cut On Seated Guard

  Stack Pass To Leg Drag

  Stack Pass To Back Take

  Stack Pass To Pedal To Metal Back Take

  JT’s Over Under Pass

  Over Under Sitthrough Pass

  Spider Guard Kick Pass

  Spider Guard Pass To Armlock

  Back Step Pass From Half Guard

  Straight Jacket Pass

  Basic Knee Shield Pass

  Kimura Pass On Knee Shield



  Controlling the Turtle

  Knee Slide Back Take

  Back Take From Running Man Escape

  Butterfly Guard Back Take

  Barrel Roll Back Take

  Back Take From Single Leg

  Rolling Back Take

  Back Take From Standing



  Basic Back Choke

  Ezekiel Choke

  Kimura Grip Armbar From Back

  Kimura Grip To Triangle Armbar

  Bow & Arrow Choke

  Brabo / Ezekiel Choke From Back

  Lapel Choke From Crucifix

  Reverse Kimura

  Kimura From Crucifix

  Flying Bow and Arrow From Turtle

  Clock Choke

  Spinning Clock Choke


Check out JT "The Spider-Man" Torres new DVD on Guard Passing, Back Takes, and finishes. He's one of the worlds best and most technical BJJ Competitors to date!!!!
- Travis Stevens- 2x US Olympian Judo


Ok, So what does this amazing DVD set that is sure to change your game, from someone who struggles to pass to side control into someone who passes, takes the back and finishes going to cost?


Well, if you can even get JT for a private lesson you’d be looking at $250 an hour and he doesn’t allow video taping, and here he is giving four full DVDs. World Champions typically charge $147 for DVD Sets, but for a limited time, JT is only Charging



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Jt Torres has been a persona teacher and coach of mine for the past 3 years and i can attribute his tutelage and guidance to a large part of my competition success. He has an incredible teaching style and an astronomical grasp of jiu jitsu techniques. Not to mention hes the nicest guy in bjj.
- Keenan Cornelius- Multiple Time World Champion



I knew JT Torres was a great competitor, but until now I had no idea he was also a really good instructor. These techniques have been proven in competition, but will help you dominate your training partners at the school too!
- Stephan Kesting- Grapplearts.com

JT Torres


Discover The Secrets That Have Allowed JT Torres To Pass,

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